High quality recruitment consulting firm of middle & senior management in luxury, fashion, beauty & retail

BeThe1 history
  • Established in 2002 with offices in Paris, New York and Tokyo by leading employment specialists and senior business executives in fashion, beauty, home & retail, and based on the best practices of 100 major employers in France, Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia and Japan.
  • Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore offices opened in 2007.
  • London office opened in 2015.
  • Today, BeThe1 has drawn together a large community of high-quality professionals and performs around 200 search missions per year for middle management to senior executive positions (retail, commercial, marketing, finance, HR, creation, supply chain, management, etc.) in 30 countries with a very high success rate (70%-80%) and a candidate's retention rate after 3 years of 68%. Our mission level has doubled in average, reflecting the experience of BeThe1 consultants, the high quality of services and also market trends leading employers to search by themselves for middle management positions.

BeThe1 mission
  • Build trust between candidates and employers to facilitate the deeply complex decision for both parties to embark on and succeed in a joint work venture.
  • Thanks to its business and market expertise professionalism, its extensive access to international and local talents, its trust attitude, transparency and humanism, BeThe1 aims to be the highest quality recruitment firm, the reference of choice among the community of professionals and employers in fashion, beauty, home & retail.

BeThe1’s consultants’ vision and values
  • People oriented, with a solid human resources acumen
  • Highly developed skills in assessing people and business situations
  • True expertise of industry-specific job functions, company structures and key players
  • Transparent, honest and caring as consultants to both candidates and clients
  • Results driven
  • Each search is entirely processed by one single dedicated consultant, from the initial briefing stage to following-up the integration of a newly hired colleague

BeThe1 advanced technology engenders a high quality recruitment service
  • Free and confidential self-registration on www.BeThe1.com of the professionals’ profile using highly specialized MCQ in fashion, beauty, home and distribution, including upload of resume / photos / book.
  • Efficient in-house BeThe1 platform screening and matching with high accuracy between each registered professional for each job offer.
  • Interactive communication system between each professional and BeThe1’s consultant.

Best known retention rate … Humanism is more efficient !
  • For BeThe1, quality in recruitment is best measured by the length of stay of hired professionals in their new job.
    A 2013 comprehensive worldwide survey of all professionals hired through BeThe1 over a period of 7 years demonstrate an average annual staff turnover of 10,5%! That is 2,5 times better than a world leading executive search firm according to The Economist ©. Also 68% of BeThe1 placed candidates are still in their job 3 years after hiring, enabling them and their employer to enjoy stability and return on investment.

Hong Kong & Asia: BeThe1 Ltd. - 23 Thomson Road, Room B, 25th Fl, Yam Tze Commercial Building, Wanchai, Hong Kong - Tel: +852 3586 9361 - infoasia@BeThe1.com
A more human and effective work environment:
BeThe1 believes that people are the single most important issue for most organisations, and making the most of a company's human capital will be the key to increasing a company's economic value in the future. We consider well-being at work, and its continuous improvement, to be the key factor to the commitment and performance of each person at work.

We are currently witnessing a reconciliation of employee and shareholder interests, and BeThe1 hopes to make a modest contribution to this development by offering professionals free access to the job market and by providing companies with high-quality services in the field of human resources.

Code of good human relations in the workplace.
Good human relations in the workplace seems to us to be at the heart of motivation, professional efficiency and personal well-being. To this end, the interests of both employees and shareholders are the same, but human relations are so complex that we often fall short of best practice.

That is why we developed this Charter: a code of conduct and declaration of intention which lists the fundamental components of good human relations. You can download it or find out more below:

The CodeAbout the Code

Donations to humanitarian organizations:
BeThe1 is committed to donating 0.5% of net sales to charity and we have decided to support the Central Institute on Mental Retardation (see more at www.cimr.info) in Thiruvananthapuram, capital of Kerala State in southern India.

For further information on BeThe1 commitment to CIMR, please click here.

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